What is Computer Science?


Computer Science is a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. What does it mean? It’s a mindset. It’s a method of thinking you can get to lead projects, to do and build things. It’s an attitude you can teach and learn. It takes time, and there are […]

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Making Computer Science More Open


Do you know Bill Gates? We bet you do. If you don’t, he founded Microsoft. At the age of 13, Bill wrote his first computer program. Do you know Steve Jobs? We bet you do. If you don’t, he co-founded Apple and made it what it is today. The iPhone, […]

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Let’s meet around a cup of coffee, and some games!


[UPDATE] Please do not forget to confirm your presence via email [email protected] Thanks a lot! We are happy to announce that starting next Saturday morning (04/25), we are opening our doors to any family who’s willing to discuss about digital games. Why are we doing this? We want to meet […]

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One hour with Winki, Software Engineer at FifthWisdom!


We continue our series of interviews today with Winki. Winki is a Software Engineer at FifthWisdom. Who are you Winki? Hello I’m Winki, I’m a Software Engineer here at FifthWisdom. My last project at the university was related to e-learning as I created a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform. […]

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Hi, I’m Ben, programmer at FifthWisdom!


You’ve read more about Clara and Tammy in the past few weeks. Today we get to know more about Ben who is a programmer at FifthWisdom and passionate about cycling! Can you go faster then him? Who are you and what do you do at FifthWisdom? Hi my name is […]

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Meet Tammy, Artist at FifthWisdom!


To kick-off 2015 the right way, we’ve decided to introduce ourselves so you can know the team behind FifthWisdom. You’ve met with Clara before, now it’s time to meet with Tammy, artist at FifthWisdom. What’s your favourite game developed by FifthWisdom? (and why) I really enjoyed working on Old Master […]

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Meet Clara, Education Outreach and Research Officer


To kick-off 2015 the right way, we’ve decided to introduce ourselves so you can know the team behind FifthWisdom. How was your first day at FifthWisdom? My first day at FifthWisdom was exciting! I still remember I took the wrong train on MTR and had to rush to the office! […]

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