Thank You for 2014, Onward for 2015.


More than a week has passed since the Learning and Teaching Expo that took place in Hong Kong. Time flies and here we go with Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what has been done during this year and what’s coming […]

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FifthWisdom at the coming Learning & Teaching Expo 2014


We are quite excited about the coming Learning & Teaching Expo that will take place this Thursday December 11th until Saturday 13th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Center (MTR Wan Chai). It’s the fifth edition and we’ve seen how it keeps getting better and better each year. This […]

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Here Are 3 Resources to Understand Gamify Learning


Christmas is coming and have you noticed what’s written on most of the kids’ gift list these days? Technology is everywhere and even reaching out to the youngest ones. So you probably got a request for a new iPad, or a new smartphone, or some brand new video games. Games […]

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Why is Gamify Learning more efficient?


Last week, we covered what was a brief and useful introduction to Gamify Learning as a concept to approach education. It’s time today to be more specific about the model of game-based learning that enables kids to be more efficient with this approach. Learning, in most dictionaries, is the “acquisition […]

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Gamify Learning 101


Close your eyes. Kids are sitting in front of you and you have to take care of them for a couple of hours. And by taking care of them, we don’t necessarily mean baby-sit them or throw them in front of the TV watching the last Pixar’s movie. We mean […]

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CITE seminar – Can Games Change Education?

CITE seminar

An increasing number of scholars have argued the importance of rethinking the traditional way of schooling that was established over 100 years ago. It is believed that we are dealing with completely different kind of students who have been referred as gamer generation and net generation. At the same time, […]

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