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What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. What does it mean? It’s a mindset. It’s a method of thinking you can get to lead projects, to do and bu…
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Making Computer Science More Open

Do you know Bill Gates? We bet you do. If you don’t, he founded Microsoft. At the age of 13, Bill wrote his first computer program. Do you know Steve Jobs? We bet you do. If you don’t, he co-found…
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Meet Tammy, Artist at FifthWisdom!

To kick-off 2015 the right way, we’ve decided to introduce ourselves so you can know the team behind FifthWisdom. You’ve met with Clara before, now it’s time to meet with Tammy, artist at FifthW…
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Thank You for 2014, Onward for 2015.

More than a week has passed since the Learning and Teaching Expo that took place in Hong Kong. Time flies and here we go with Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner. It’s the perfect time …
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Why is Gamify Learning more efficient?

Last week, we covered what was a brief and useful introduction to Gamify Learning as a concept to approach education. It’s time today to be more specific about the model of game-based learning that …
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Gamify Learning 101

Close your eyes. Kids are sitting in front of you and you have to take care of them for a couple of hours. And by taking care of them, we don’t necessarily mean baby-sit them or throw them in front …
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FifthWisdom’s Pinterest page

We are always trying to reach our friends in different channels! Now, FifthWisdom is on Pinterest! Pinterest is like a digital album for us to share our image diary. We’d like to share who we are, w…
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FifthWisdom EdStore is now open!

FifthWisdom EdStore is now open in HKEdCity EdMall! EdMall is an online marketplace managed and operated by the Hong Kong Education City Limited. It aims at providing a user-friendly and secure online…
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Gamify Learning’s YouTube channel

Gamify Learning has got its YouTube channel in which you can easily browse our learning games video clips anytime anywhere now. More learning game videos will be uploaded from time to time. Please fee…
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Introducing Dash and Dot

It’s a special story today. Something we wanted to share with you. You will understand even more what we do in Hong Kong about computer science education after you read this, introducing Dash and Do…
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How Our Game Can Teach Computer Science

Last Thursday, we had the chance to interact with students. The class took place in the Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School. Our goal was to organize one hour of computer science education. …
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