March 18, 2016

Gamify Learning 101


Close your eyes. Kids are sitting in front of you and you have to take care of them for a couple of hours. And by taking care of them, we don’t necessarily mean baby-sit them or throw them in front of the TV watching the last Pixar’s movie.

We mean creating an experience for them. An adventure. Taking them at the beginning of their journey in the quest of learning new things.

How do you catch their attention? How do you make sure that the values you consider important are well applied in concrete examples? Do you wait for it happen, or do you involve kids as much as you can pro-actively during the process of learning new things?

Let’s put it in another way. Kids are facing challenges to learn these days. Their attention and focus have decreased. So how do you help them learn how to plan, do, reflect and link in one same activity?

We, at FifthWisdom Technology, believe in video games to be one of the best asset to teach complex principles and concepts, while having fun in the same time. We call this “Gamify Learning”.

So what is “Gamify Learning” then?

Here’s how we can simply describe it. “Gamify Learning” is a more efficient way for kids to learn complex things while in the same time actively acquiring skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Here are 4 angles to look at “Gamify Learning”

1) IT IS SIMPLE. Think of something to learn, and make a game out of it. A challenge. A contest in a positive and helpful mindset, not the kind of “I am the best and I’m going to destroy the competition” way. You want your kids to learn something new? Challenge them and reward them with something valuable.

2) IT IS FUN. Picture yourself in a classroom where you were a little girl or boy. Where did you have the most valuable experience at school? Was it in the middle of a classroom or was it during a field trip catching butterflies and then study them?

3) IT IS MORE EFFICIENT. The notion of time makes kid bored quite easily. Too easily actually. Involving them through games, be it regular ones or video games, will have a strong effect on the overall concentration of the kids, hence it will be more efficient than the “traditional” way of teaching things.

4) Think about you now. What do you want? Do you want kids to learn efficiently, while having fun, being concentrated, open-minded and eager to learn and moving forward? Who wouldn’t want that right? Then why don’t you try “Gamify Learning”?

So the concept of “Gamify Learning” may be new to you and we’re here to answer all your questions about it. We’re here to open the discussion with parents and teachers in Hong Kong who want their kids to succeed and acquire great interpersonal skills while having fun in the same time.

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