March 24, 2016

Making Computer Science More Open


Do you know Bill Gates?
We bet you do. If you don’t, he founded Microsoft. At the age of 13, Bill wrote his first computer program.

Do you know Steve Jobs?
We bet you do. If you don’t, he co-founded Apple and made it what it is today. The iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook, the iPad, et cetera.

There is a famous statement from him. Here it is:
“Everybody in this country [note: the US] should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”.

What do you think of this?
We, at FifthWisdom, subscribe 100% with this statement. We need you to agree with this, and we will try to convince you every single day that this statement is true.

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Our focus is in making computer science more open and we need you.

Education has changed and so has the environment we live in. Technologies make new accomplishments possible. Hong Kong is such a great territory to push the limits. It is a specific place on this planet, and it has to remain that way. Our future belongs to the children and teachers learning together to build tomorrow. It belongs to the ones who look forward, and dare.

We dare you to improve what school is today and how we teach concepts to students. We believe more Computer Science education along with other things is key.

And we need as many parents and teachers involved as possible. It’s a dream we want to fulfill. The one where every child of Hong Kong has the possibility to learn Computer Science at school and at home.
We are working then on how to help schools get on board, which products to use, the resources that will help them.

We need you to tell teachers about this. We have the materials, all we need is one teacher, then another one, and another one. That’s how ideas spread. Without your care, we have nothing. Let us build this trust and knowledge. Let us show you what it’s like to teach Computer Science in every schools of Hong Kong applying the game-based learning approach
Computational thinking is something every child has, deep down. It’s all about unleashing the potential of it with games, with interactions, with care.

Kids learn by moving things, touching materials, experimenting. They have to be active. No passive reading here. Action! Here’s what we suggest you to do, as a parent, or as a teacher to start doing. It’s one simple step. But sometimes it is the hardest.

Join us!

Let us know who you are, what you do, and we will start working together. We will share together ideas on how to bring Computer Science Education in Hong Kong.

We won’t spam you we promise. But you’ll be in the loop anytime we come up with new resources. Anytime we organise an event, like when we introduced Dash and Dot to elderly people through Elderly Academy in Pak Kau College. See the photos below, and more on our Facebook page.

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Yes, this is the kind of unusual activities we do. What’s best than seeing the wisest among us embrace new technologies? The problem is this is hard to change the mindset of decision-makers. We are going in a new direction, and with it comes risks. People are usually averse to change. Which is why we need you to pick this fight with us.

Together, we are stronger, and the more we are to spread the word, the brighter the future of Hong Kong will be.

Thanks for reading.

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