March 18, 2016

Meet Clara, Education Outreach and Research Officer


To kick-off 2015 the right way, we’ve decided to introduce ourselves so you can know the team behind FifthWisdom.

How was your first day at FifthWisdom?
My first day at FifthWisdom was exciting! I still remember I took the wrong train on MTR and had to rush to the office! Everyone was so nice and everything was new to me because it was my first full time job after graduated from the university!

What makes working at FifthWisdom so special?
It’s always nice to see the happy faces of students and teachers when they are engaging and learning from the games that they are playing or creating! After all, learning is most effective when it’s fun!

What do you think the Future Of Education is going to be like?
Hopefully the future of education would be student-oriented and self-motivated, with more interactions, more creativity and more fun! In short, teachers would remain as important as they are today, while gaming (either playing or creating) would be a great learning & teaching tool for them!

Bonus: For every Friday’s FifthWisdom afternoon tea, what’s your favourite tea set?
Fruit salad + iced lemon tea/ hot to-fu fa from any local dessert place! Yummy:)