March 18, 2016

Meet Tammy, Artist at FifthWisdom!


To kick-off 2015 the right way, we’ve decided to introduce ourselves so you can know the team behind FifthWisdom. You’ve met with Clara before, now it’s time to meet with Tammy, artist at FifthWisdom.

What’s your favourite game developed by FifthWisdom? (and why)
I really enjoyed working on Old Master Q because it’s a Hong Kong iconic characters and I’m sure everyone from Hong Kong knows about him. This is one of the reason why this game will be a huge success. I loved the challenge of working on this game because the style and graphics already existed. We think copying is easy but actually I found it harder to adapt my style rather than start from scratch. I love this game too because it’s about learning Chinese idioms, and it’s simple, useful, and funny. It has all the ingredients for making it an awesome game.

What is the Future of Education?
Everybody at some point in the classroom will embrace digital. One thing I like believing in, is that knowledge will not be transmitted from teacher to students only but it will involve more sharing between the students altogether. While being more involved and active the students can improve their knowledge and it helps teachers go into broader topics.

I think it will increase the general interest of learning. As a Japanese part-time teacher, I am sometimes confronted to the problem of getting the attention of my students. And I’ve noticed it’s much more efficient when I use digital tools rather than a book for instance. Both tools go together.

If the future of education means more digital tools in the classroom, then I hope it will allow more space and time for the students to express themselves, and learning will not be limited to the classroom.

What makes working at FifthWisdom special?
What I really like ever since I’ve working at FifthWisdom for three years now, is I have lots of freedom to do my work. I’ve always loved expressing myself through my illustrations and I’m glad to have that huge flexibility to create.
I also strongly believe that working at FifthWisdom is very meaningful because we are building games that are helping students to get smarter and teachers to be more efficient. The ultimate goal is positive. I’m proud of working at FifthWisdom.

Bonus: What’s your favourite tea?
I’m more into a good hot chocolate and some pudding to end the week on the right foot with the team!