March 18, 2016

One hour with Winki, Software Engineer at FifthWisdom!


We continue our series of interviews today with Winki. Winki is a Software Engineer at FifthWisdom.

Who are you Winki?
Hello I’m Winki, I’m a Software Engineer here at FifthWisdom. My last project at the university was related to e-learning as I created a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform. I’ve studied computers and programming and I’ve always been interested into learning new processes from the beginning. For instance at FifthWisdom, I like observing how the process works from coming up with the graphics to playing around with front-end and back-end. I’m a big fan of video games, I think I first started to play when I was three years old.

What makes working at FifthWisdom special?
I like being part of a meaningful company whose goal is to create games for children, in order to empower their education. Colleagues are very nice, we all have lots of fun playing video games together during the morning break like this mobile game Crossy Road where we can challenge each other.

How was your first day at work?
I was a bit panicked because I had no idea about what kind of project I would do. Working at FifthWisdom is my first job and I’ve been here for less than a year. I thank Victor because he guided me a lot. I had to observe my colleagues a lot and learn from the. The initial code I had to work on was very professional so it was easy to jump in.

What do you do at FifthWisdom?
I code. I handle mainly the front-end and work hand in hand with Tammy who is designing and drawing the graphics and animation and I integrate all of this in the game.

What’s your favourite game developed by FifthWisdom?
I like Ayiti. I think it’s a very meaningful one because it talks about one specific developing country, Haiti, that suffered a lot in the past recent years to children but it manages to being fun to play with in the same time. Role playing games are great because of all the decisions children have to take in order to reach their goals. They are learning a lot and they don’t even realise it. I love also Old Master Q.

Favourite game?
Minecraft. I used to play a lot to it but now I’m more focused with the job, as we have exciting new projects coming in! What I like about Minecraft is the multiplayer mode with my friends. We did spend a lot of time digging and collecting resources and building our own things. This whole cooperate with my friends was the key point for me liking this specific game

How do you see the future of Education?
I think videos are being more and more popular for one specific and simple reason. When you’re in class and listening to someone or reading a book for that matter, you can’t use the pause video and rewind, and pause again, and try it and rewind if you haven’t mastered what you’re learning yet. YouTube tutorials are a good example. Of course, playing games when you are a child is much more interesting than reading a book, therefore more efficient!

What’s your favourite tea?
I vary a lot because I don’t like being bored so I order pretty much everything!