March 18, 2016

Thank You for 2014, Onward for 2015.


More than a week has passed since the Learning and Teaching Expo that took place in Hong Kong. Time flies and here we go with Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on what has been done during this year and what’s coming for 2015. The perfect time to set the bar high for the new year and share with you what’s coming next as well as pause a little bit to thank you for your support during this year of 2014.

    Principal Miss Ada Cheung and Mr Mok for letting their students play My Words Junior Plus during English lessons at St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School
    Principal Mr William Wong and Mr Au for providing their students a chance to learn how to design and develop their own digital games at Pak Kau College
    Principal Mr Chu Tsz Wing at Baptist Rainbow Primary School for embracing My Words Junior Plus.

2015 is approaching and is going to be quite a challenge to us.

We will launch a brand new website soon. Exciting new games will hit the iOS and Play Store with famous characters Hong Kong knows well. More partnerships with schools will happen.

We will continue to keep up the efforts to empower education in Hong Kong and support the efforts teachers are making in order to change the classroom and enable all the kids of Hong Kong to use digital tools to learn better and be better person. We believe digital games can make a significant difference and impact in the life of any kids as long as the stakes are well defined in advance and as long as all the kids can have the same access to technology.

We will soon publish our manifesto, what we believe in, and we hope teachers and schools will not only agree with that but endorse this message. Our goal is to help the children of Hong Kong to develop their skills more efficiently while having fun in the same time. We want them to live incredible experiences while learning new concepts that will stick to their minds forever.

We are so confident in our goal that we’re are ready to commit for the next ten years and follow through each kid who is involved in our partnerships in order to make sure that each one of them does a great job at school, becomes successful, happy, and respectful of her / his peers.

We have great ambitions for 2015 and beyond. When we pause a minute and look at where all of this is going, we genuinely believe we’re in the right direction. Not the easy one but the right one. The direction that will have a positive impact for hundreds of kids and their education.

We are proud of it but we are humble. We know and care too much about the education of the children of Hong Kong. This is the reason why we will always give the best we can give in every single task we are doing every single day.

Thank you for your support.

Onward for 2015.

The FifthWisdom Team.