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Learn the basics of CS no matter your age

Dash and Dot are designed to be enjoyed by everyone from little baby to grandma and grandpa. It’s the perfect companion to learn the fundamental of programming through playing with them. 


Multiple apps to have fun

Players can program them to move around, navigate a maze, light up, speak, draw and a lot more. The possibilities are limitless. Compatible apps such as Blockly, Blockly Jr.Path are available on your favorite mobile devices.

So simple and diverse

Programming Dash and Dot is very simple. Give commands to Dash and Dot by putting different “command blocks” together. Dash and Dot also come with a variety of accessories from brick connector, bulldozer bar to xylophone.


Everyone can program

Blockly Jr. is a visual drag-and-drop programming tool developed by FifthWisdom Technology Limited. Its icon-based commands allow everyone, even young children and the elderly to snap together commands like puzzle pieces.

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Dash and Dot is available in Hong Kong

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